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Sereena Nightshade said:   August 11, 2014 3:21 pm PST
Please read my book Drift... A version with no poetry will also be available soon. You may contact me via Facebook (the one with the pink dress under water photo),, Twitter, linkedin, Google + (the one with followers and a lot of page photos/posts), or through email I posit Drift will assist with explaining the sociopath spouse in detail...

Emotionally Damaged said:   June 26, 2014 8:31 pm PST
I can't believe these people exist in society. I thought people of this magnitude were locked away in prison. I have never known such wickedness. I have been severely damaged by one of these manipulating terrorists. They take an innocent happy person and steal their very life and wellbeing. Their charismatic charm that makes people adore them in the beginning. Lureing them in then slowly devouring them sucking every thing they can from you. Twisting and turning every word you speak to their advantage. Manipulating skillfully with every word they speak. You can not will not ever win with them. They are monsters sent from hell to prey on and devour the kind soft hearted. How do you get away from them once they have cunningly sucked you in trapped you sunk their teeth in you? Financially destroyed you? Pulled you into a realm you have never known in your life? How do you out con them get away? They are always 10 steps ahead of you frightfully so intelligent you can not challenge them. They are always thinking plotting outside the box. Very dangerous, powerful and extremely aggressive.

Amber said:   June 26, 2014 5:51 pm PST
been seeing a narc. sociopath for a yr. had no idea exactly what he was until researching. My jaw hit the floor reading. every trait/behavior describes him to a tee. He is very handsome has an incredible Ora about him. Extremely cocky invincible&people are drawn to his intelligence&eloquent speech. Deep voice. I fell prey to this relentless evil man. He has me black maled so severely I have no escape.He is taking my entire paycheck & won't work. incredibly intelligent to the point it's eerie. He had me mesmerized in a trance when I first met him.I fell victim to him he seduced me dug deep with his skillful crafty conniving ways.i told him entirely too much & thus he is using as a tools to manipulate me further. He has bruttaly antagonized me to such a degree it's as if he has the demons and strength of a true terrorist. Yelling screaming cussing me gutting me so severely I have been in a ball on the floor shuddering in fear.Many times for 7 & 8 hours at a time on the phone & he said if I hung up he would come to me beat me put me in the hospital. In person I would shudder in fear while this demon relentlously choked me yanked my hair and the look in his eyes as described as one of the traits of these people was fully evident. He always makes you to stare him dead in the eyes.This is only a small fraction of hell that I have been thru. he also try's to be your best friend spend time talking with you constant contact wanting to know where you are what you are doing every second. have to write down in detail any and all interaction with men. He wants to know your EVERY thought or you are hiding lying concealingy from him... He has his own "standards, rules commandments" that you must abide by to appease him. I read this also as one of the traits. I am HORRIFIED of this man. Also the sexual side needing to be wanting to be worshipped by women.obsessed with having sex with them making them submit to him.

Laura said:   May 19, 2014 8:34 am PST
I loved your book...just read the whole thing on my kindle yesterday...SO SPOT ON! WOW...definately like reading my own biography of the last 11 years. Sad part is I have a daughter with him...he uses her to try to control me. I am trying to get a divorce from this thing, this bastard. He refuses to divorce me is fighting the bastard wants over night visitation with our daughter, he lives with his girlfriend of maybe 4 months but tells everyone that is or was a mutual friend and even his daughter and myself that they aren't together anymore...why? so I can't get my divorce sooner based on his Adultery! He told my attorney that I committed adultery at the protective hearing...I said YES I DID! But the asshole won't charge me with it? Living in Maryland they have "emotional abuse" as part of their domestic abuse law, but these morons within the court system don't enforce it...If I were a millionaire would they listen to me? I pray everynight that he comes to my house and just beats the crap out of me...maybe THEN they will listen...but then again he would spin it around like it was my fault and provoked it and he would get away with that too. What a great country we live in...they worry about Iraq and all those other places that demean and put women at the lowest possible class of citizen...seems to me they do the same thing here in the great USA.

Exhausted said:   May 17, 2014 1:04 pm PST
Just ended a 5 yr relationship with a Sociopath. Look forward to reading this book. Been reading a lot lately trying to make me better understand him. First meeting him I thought he was a little odd but figured everyone has their issues. Went to his mother on his compulsive lying although she says he been in and out of doctors all his life trying to help him she started to resent me for talking bad about her son. They pushed it under the rug like it doesn't exist and they feed his grandiosity telling him how great he is. He came to me 6 months ago admitting his demons have completely took over and he needs to get away from me. Most dramatic thing I've ever experienced. But I went back and told him I accept him and his mental issues but he has to help me better understand instead he is in completely denial on everything that went down 6 mths ago. Like I made it up. Last weekend I asked him via FaceTime if he wanted me out if his life. He said absolutely not, his cold glossy stare right through me made me hit the disconnect button. Although my heart is sad it's the most relax I've been in awhile. No demons allowed in this life anymore.

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