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This is the story of a seemingly innocent little boy who grows into a ferocious, conscienceless, ugly monster that destroys and devours everything good and pure that crosses his path. From tender childhood friendships to sweet innocent romances, nothing is immune to the monster's dark spell and insidious nature.

This is also a story of survival and hope: survival of intimate partner abuse and hope that one day there will be an end to domestic violence and to the suffering of the silent victims.

Message from the Author
One of the least diagnosed members of the population is also one of the most destructive: The Sociopath.

There is nothing romantic or advantageous about being a sociopath and having no conscience. Sociopaths are good at going unnoticed by the rest of us, because, unfortunately, they are good at pretending (lying) and wearing many masks (again, lying). Simply put, they lie to themselves and everyone else. They lie so much that some of them are convinced of their own lies, which is where evil is born.

At the age of 38, I found myself in an abusive relationship, but I didn't recognize it as abusive because my abuser never assaulted me physically (at first).

The abuse was verbal and emotional. The control was overwhelming, and the insidiousness of his abuse slowly took over me and nearly destroyed my spirit and faith in goodness.

I am no psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. However, I have lived alongside a sociopath and feel the need to share, even if in a tale-like fiction setting, how I understand the psychopathy that insidiously penetrated my body, mind and spirit until I was nearly convinced that I was the evil one. How? Through projection, transference and control.

Today, I have vowed to speak. I cannot remain silent. This is my story.

Paula Carrasquillo
August 2012

* Contains graphic language and violence. Intended for a mature audience.